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Strolling through the streets of Dijon, you may notice here and there heraldic traces from the past. I mean traces because sometimes the shields no longer exist, or because they have deteriorated over the centuries, either because they were destroyed or erased when the French revolution (though in France the arms were not the preserve of the nobility. Number of communities, citizens and craftsmen wore too).

Bouhier de Savigny (Hotel) - rue Vauban

Malain (Hotel) - rue du Petit Potet

Maison - 2 place Saint-Michel

Millière (Hotel) - rue de la Liberté

Morel Sauvegrain (Hotel) - 52 rue des Forges

Notre-Dame (Eglise) - place Notre-Dame

Perard (Hotel) - 19 rue Jeannin

Saint-Bénigne (Cathédrale) - place Saint-Bénigne

Saint-Bénigne (Cathédrale) - Liste des évêques

Sigault (Maison) - 42 rue amiral Roussin

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